Company Overview

MedeServe is a medical practice management bureau established to assist medical practitioners with a pre-emptive administrative solution. As a medical business management we are passionate about providing you with the support required for financial control, billing and business management. We enable you to focus on your core passion as a health professional.

Research has shown that medical professionals are spending an ever-increasing amount of time on business tasks that are far from their main focus. As the partner of choice in our chosen market, we provide a cost effective turnkey solution to relieve our customers of their administrative burden by providing an all-inclusive service. This enables our clients to focus on their immediate tasks.

We recognise the fact that our customer’s time is valuable, and with this in mind, we have offer a portfolio of integrated services that include the supply of data capture; electronic submission of claims to medical aids;  claim switching and rejection management; receipting; following up with medical aids and patients as well as debt collection to name a few.

As a turnkey solution, we act as a single point of contact and we take responsibility for the provisioning of software and switching services to ensure that you have the best cash flow possible.

MedeServe continuously monitors the needs of our clients and leverages the offering of our associated stakeholders/partners to ensure that we grow and align our offering to the needs of our clients.

MedeServe is a division of Altron TMT.

Vision & Mission


To provide a continuously improved service aligned to our clients’ needs and environmental trends. To be become the number one choice bureau within the market we operate in.


To ensure medical claim payment times are kept as short as possible through the selection of the most appropriate solutions and optimised business processes.