Optimised Staff capacity

Front line staff are freed up to ensure that patients are handled quickly and efficiently.  Capturing of data is kept to a minimum and staff will not need to spend hours on end querying medical aid payments, following up on patient's liable issues or even the reconciliation of payments.

Single point of contact

No more finger pointing at all the other parties in the process. MedeServe takes total ownership of the process and ensures that you get access to a world class practice management system (Elixir), the leading provider of electronic switching (MediSwitch) as well as the expertise of our dedicated staff, who will liaise with medical aid service providers and patients on your behalf.


As a division of Altron TMT, we are committed to providing the best possible, personalised service to ensure our customers see us as business partners and not just service providers. We take personal pride in ensuring that you deal with a single staff member and not just a faceless voice manning a call centre.


By employing the best staff, we are able to ensure that claims are processed and paid in as short a time as possible. The dedicated staff understand the nuances of your business and ensure that all claims conform to the medical aid requirements wherever possible, and thereby expediting the payment process.

Some of the benefits for your practice are

One monthly fee that includes:

  • Switching fees
  • Practice management software fees
  • MedPrax monthly charges
  • Administrative Solutions

Improved cash-flow

Decreased bad debt

Optimised staff capacity and improve administrative efficiencies

Personal and highly trained collection and administration staff dealing with patients, medical aids and practice staff

Additional time for you to focus on the care and well-being of your patients, without the need for:

  • Negotiating with patients regarding outstanding debts
  • Managing staff
  • Following up with medical aids